Door to Remain

978-1-57441-864-4 Paperback
6 x 9 x 0 in
90 pp.
Pub Date: 03/07/2022


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“There are some poets we admire for a mastery that allows them to tell a story, express an epiphany, form a conclusion, all gracefully and even memorably, yet language in some ways remains external to them. But there are other poets in whom language seems to arise spontaneously, fulfilling a design in which the poet’s intention feels secondary. Books by these poets we read with a gathering sense of excitement and recognition at the linguistic web being drawn deliberately tighter around a nucleus of human experience that is both familiar and completely new, until at last it seems no phrase is misplaced and no word lacks its resonance with what has come before. Such a book is Austin Segrest’s Door to Remain. Ranging between Atlanta, Georgia and the Eternal City of Rome, these poems offer a poignant chronicle of haunting by a mother who is simultaneously present and absent even before her death.”—Karl Kirchwey, author of Stumbling Blocks: Roman Poems

Vassar Miller Prize in Poetry

Published by University of North Texas Press