Rights & Permissions

Permission to Republish

All books published by Texas A&M University Press are under copyright.


Text Permissions

If you are requesting permission to republish text, no permissions are granted without our knowing the name of your publisher. If you do not have a publisher, please delay submitting the request until you do. Use the form Request for Permission to Reprint for submitting your request.

If you plan to photocopy specific pages for a coursepack or classroom use, please submit those requests in an email to [email protected] or fax a request to 979-847-8752. List the title and author of the book, the page numbers to be copied, and the number of coursepack sets to be prepared. Be certain you include your contact information.

Requests are processed in the order they are received. Depending upon the complexity of the request, clearance of permissions requests can take a month to six weeks.


Download form: Request-for-Permission-to-Reprint


Illustration Permissions

Please check the credit line below each illustration, as well as front and back matter for a list of credits. Authors usually control the rights to visual materials, and you will need to contact them directly. Texas A&M University Press occasionally controls rights to maps or other drawings, in which case you should contact us.


Subsidiary and Foreign Translation Rights

Inquiries for subsidiary and translation rights should be directed to [email protected]