WHA 2023 — Books 30% off!

Texas A&M University Press is proud to be an exhibitor at the Western History Association conference. As a thank you for your interest in our books, please take 30% off of the following titles using code WHA23 at checkout. This offer is good until 11/28/2023.

Heaven's Harsh Tableland

Texas Secessionists Standoff

The Art of Texas State Parks

The Historic Fort Worth Stockyards

Both Sides Now

Native but Foreign

In the Shadow of the Chinatis

The Rise and Fall of the Lazy S Ranch

Henry C. “Hank” Smith and the Cross B Ranch

Making Space for Women

King Ranch


Fanáticos, Exiles, and Spies

The River and the Wall

To the Vast and Beautiful Land

Trammel's Trace

Texas Women and Ranching

Nuclear New Mexico

The Old Chisholm Trail

Women in Texas History

Preserving German Texan Identity

Ten Dollars to Hate

The Perfect Fence

Bison and People on the North American Great Plains

Blood Oranges

Militarizing the Border

Pesos and Dollars

Power and Control in the Imperial Valley

Racial Borders

Tejano West Texas

Transnational Indians in the North American West

Turmoil on the Rio Grande

Working Women into the Borderlands

The Woolly West

The Civil War on the Rio Grande, 1846–1876

The Strange Career of Bilingual Education in Texas, 1836-1981

Circuit Riders for Mental Health

Faces of Béxar

Capitan Chiquito



Deportation in the Americas

Women across Time / Mujeres a Través del Tiempo

We Dance for the Virgen

Phyllis Frye and the Fight for Transgender Rights

Wild Rose

Boggy Slough

Nepantla Familias

Artisans of Trabajo Rústico

The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

Corazón Abierto

Los Adaes, the First Capital of Spanish Texas

That Woman

"Red Tom" Hickey

The Great Texas Social Studies Textbook War of 1961–1962

Texas People's Court

Inside the Texas Revolution

San Antonio

The Old Army in Texas

Tejano Patriot

A  Brave Boy and a Good Soldier

A Wyatt Earp Anthology

Changing Perspectives

Billy the Kid

I Fought a Good Fight

A Military History of Texas

A Texas State of Mind

The Enemy Within Never Did Without

Texas Reporter, Texas Radical

The  Windows of Heaven

A  Frontier Texas Mercantile

Fires, Floods, Explosions, and Bloodshed

Battleground Béxar

The Road to San Jacinto

Comanches, Captives, and Germans

The Alamo and Beyond

The Cowboy Ike Rude

Shearing Sheep and Angora Goats the Texas Way

Making a Hand

Farming across Borders