Texas A&M University Press has partnered with the Institute of Nautical Archaeology at Texas A&M since it was founded by George Bass in the 1970s. We are pleased to showcase many books authored by INA-affiliated scholars in the Ed Rachal Foundation Nautical Archaeology Series. INA members are eligible to purchase these titles from TAMU Press at a 30% discount by using the code INA30. The Ed Rachal Foundation Nautical Archaeology Series includes the final publications of INA’s most iconic excavations.

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From Caligula to the Nazis

Caligula's Barges and the Renaissance Origins of Nautical Archaeology Under Water

Studying the Princess Carolina

The Ship That Held Up Wall Street

Ships' Fastenings

La Belle

Ghost  Galleon

USS Monitor

The Gurob Ship-Cart Model and Its Mediterranean Context

The Sea of Galilee Boat

Forty Years Master

The Origins of the Lost Fleet of the Mongol Empire

Coffins of the Brave

Misadventures of a Civil War Submarine

Maritime Studies in the Wake of the Byzantine Shipwreck at Yassiada, Turkey

The Porticello Shipwreck

The Man Who Thought like a Ship

From a Watery Grave

From Whaler to Clipper Ship

From Egypt to Mesopotamia

The Life and Times of the Steamboat Red Cloud

The Pepper Wreck

Homeric Seafaring

The Western River Steamboat

Serçe Limani

The Gondola Philadelphia and the Battle of Lake Champlain

The Art and Archaeology of Venetian Ships and Boats

The Athlit Ram

The Lost Submarines of Pearl Harbor

Confederate Saboteurs

Shipwrecked in Paradise

La Belle, the Ship That Changed History

Wooden Ship Building and the Interpretation of Shipwrecks

Serçe Limani, Vol 2

Seagoing Ships and Seamanship in the Bronze Age Levant

La Salle in Texas

Junks of Central China


Ships' Bilge Pumps

Yassi Ada