Contemporary Art Music in Texas

Edited by Stephen Lias

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60 pp. 15 color, 10 b&w photos. Perfo
Pub Date: 04/01/2011


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With a population of close to 25 million and a size greater than many independent countries, Texas is home to an incredible variety of vibrant musical communities. Contemporary art music flourishes in disciplines ranging from experimentalism to concert music to film-scoring. While cataloguing the full extent of composing and performing in this diverse landscape would be a near-impossible task, it is our hope that this volume (and others that will follow) will begin to fill the conspicuous gap in the materials currently available.
Our decision to focus this first edition on thirty representative composers, along with some organizations and academic degree programs, was simply a result of needing a practical and achievable place to start. Texas is home to world-class symphonies, opera and ballet companies, performing venues, and countless other performers and ensembles that regularly feature new works. We hope that future editions will allow us to expand to include these things, as well as additional information such as recordings available and competitions within the state.

Featured in this book:

Karin Al-Zand,

Mary Jeanne van Appledorn,

Larry Austin

David Bithell

Martin Blessinger

Anthony K. Brandt

BJ Brooks

Peter Fischer

Arthur Gottschalk

Donald Grantham

David Heuser

Michael Horbit

Pierre Jalbert

Richard Lavenda

Stephen Lias

Peter Lieuwen

John Mackey

Marcus Karl Maroney

Robert Nelson

William Owens

Russell Pinkston

Wieslaw Rentowski

Robert Xavier Rodriguez

Yevgeniy Sharlat

Rob Smith

Kurt Stallmann

Dan Welcher

David Ashley White

Steve Wiest

Stephen Yip



 Contents on CD

Cadence - Fantasy on Rhythms on Nick Angelis (2009) by BJ Brooks. Performed by West Texas A&M University Symphonic Band, Don LeFevre, conductor. Available from Octatone. 8:54*Whack! (1994) by Arthur Gottschalk. Performed by The Shepherd Percussion Ensemble, Richard Brown, director. 4:50Symphony for Winds and Percussion: Movement III, "Stomp" (2009) by Donald Grantham. Performed by the University of Texas Wind Ensemble, Jerry F. Junkin, conductor. Available from Piquant Press. 7:14Turbulent Blue (2009) by Jon Christopher Nelson. 9:27Four Observations for Saxophone Quartet: Movement 2, "Learning" (2008) by Walter Nichols. Performed by Walter Nichols. 3:26Concerto for Orchestra (2006) by Rob Smith. Performed by the Texas Music Festival Orchestra, Giuliano Silveri, conductor. 21:43Take This Hammer (2008) by Steven Snowden. Performed by Travis Pruitt and Kyle Rightly (euphoniums), and Mike Musick and Tony Rossi (tubas). Available from Talking Rocks Press. 5:47Ice-Nine (2009) by Steve Wiest. Performed by the North Texas One O’Clock Lab Band, Steve Wiest, director. Available from Walrus Music. 6:01*

* Works selected to be presented at the 2011 ISCM World New Music Days in Zagreb, Croatia.


Published by Stephen F. Austin University Press