The Road to San Jacinto

Retracing the Route of Sam Houston's Army

978-1-64967-012-0 Paperback
6 x 9 x 0 in
176 pp. 84 illustrations and maps, notes, bibliography, and index
Pub Date: 01/04/2023


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This book follows the route of Sam Houston’s army from Gonzales to San Jacinto during the Texas Revolution. The author visited every campsite or important location to see what is there now and to look for the footprints of the Texian army. What is left over from his time? What is there now?

Using both primary and secondary sources, Dyer stitches together a historically accurate story of each site and illustrated it with his modern photos. Directions to each site are provided to encourage readers to visit.

Many of these sites have no historical markers and have been forgotten or ignored. The goal of this work is to encourage people to explore some forgotten local history by visiting these sites as a great way to gain an appreciation for Texas History.

An accompanying podcast will be made available to make it easy to listen to each description while visiting the sites.

Published by State House Press