Adventures Afar

A Nature Trails Book

978-1-58544-541-7 Cloth
5.5 x 8.5. 264 pp. 86 drawings.
Pub Date: 06/16/2006


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Polar bears in the high Arctic. Butterflies on Mexico’s mountains. Gray whales in Baja California. Golden toads in Costa Rica. Parrots in the West Indies. Albatrosses off the Olympic Peninsula.

Whether on their own or as tour leaders for the Smithsonian Institution and other organizations, John and Gloria Tveten have encountered the world’s wildlife with an unfailing appreciation not only for animals of all kinds but also for the places those animals call home. For more than two decades, from some of the most beautiful and fascinating locations in the Western Hemisphere, the Tvetens brought their adventures alive for the readers of their weekly “Nature Trails” column in the Houston Chronicle.

Here, with contemporary notes and updates, the Tvetens have gathered a sampling of their favorite, most recommended, most unforgettable trips to see wildlife and nature, which also include the Guatemalan Highlands, the International Crane Foundation, the Andes, the Grand Canyon, and Utah’s Redrock Country.

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Published by Texas A&M University Press