The Oil Makers

By Jeffrey Share

Introduction by Joseph A. Pratt

978-1-58544-039-9 Paperback
6 x 9 x 0 in
432 pp. 30 b&w photos., 3 figs., Gloss.
Pub Date: 06/01/2000


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The first book to explore in depth recent issues facing the oil and natural gas industry, The Oil Makers goes straight to the industry’s leaders. Jeffrey Share presents a collection of prominent voices, including presidents and CEOs of several of the nation’s largest oil and gas companies. The book also contains interviews with two former secretaries of the Department of Energy, as well as major lobbyists and executives in the various service industries.

The Oil Makers brings to light important and controversial issues such as the image of the industry, the environmental movement and regulations, the trauma and effect of the 1980s depression, finance and taxation issues, the increasing shift to overseas production, the idea of a national energy policy, and the future of the industry.

Share provides an inside look at all aspects of the oil and natural gas industry: the majors, independents, drilling contractors, service companies, natural gas, consultants, investment bankers and analysts, politicians, and the new breed. The Oil Makers contains interviews with Roy Huffington, Orville Gaither, Matt Simmons, James Day, Denise Bode, Al Baker, Robert Rose, John Olson, Ed Rothschild, Carol Freedenthal, George Mitchell, Donald Hodel, Admiral James Watkins, and many more.

Published by Texas A&M University Press