Free Blacks in Antebellum Texas

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Pub Date: 09/15/2015


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Free Blacks in Antebellum Texas collects the essays of Harold R. Schoen and Andrew Forest Muir, early scholars who conducted the most complete studies on the topic, although neither published a book. Schoen published six articles on “The Free Negro in Republic of Texas” and Muir four articles on free blacks in Texas before the Civil War.

Free black Texans experienced the dangers and risks of life on the frontier in Texas. Those experiences, and many others, required of them a strength and fortitude that evidenced the spirit and abilities of free blacks in antebellum Texas. Sometimes with support from a few whites, as well as their own efforts, they struggled and survived. Editors Bruce A. Glasrud and Milton S. Jordan include a thoughtful introduction and a wide-ranging bibliography.

“Schoen and Muir were first-rate historians, and their pioneering work stands today as outstanding scholarship.”—Randolph B. Campbell, author of Gone to Texas and An Empire for Slavery

Published by University of North Texas Press