It'll Rain Someday... Always Does

A Historical Narrative

978-0-87565-791-2 Cloth
9 x 9 x 0 in
270 pp. 174 b&w photos. 1 color.
Pub Date: 11/03/2021


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A man to rival a strong character drawn from fiction, author Carol Henderson’s great-grandfather was frontier Texas-born in the year 1860. Full of grit and determination, Thomas Henry (T. H.) Cherryhomes lived to crease the edges of Texana. It’ll Rain Someday . . . Always Does is the tale of that strong, remarkable man, his difficult life and treacherous times. More than a rags to riches story, it is the tale of everyman, everywoman, who with heroic courage fixed their sights on an uncertain future. Riding horseback away from a hardscrabble dirt farm, a good mother, an abusive father, and six siblings, at the age of sixteen T. H. headed west toward Amarillo. Joining other cowpokes, he rode the Chisholm Trail, where he learned the skill of driving a hard bargain and found his calling: cattle ranching. Enduring hell, high water, and more than a few nightmares, he made his dream come true. Pushing through the end of the nineteenth century into the twentieth, his exploits left a story for the ages. This book, drawn from tattered handwritten letters, dusty photographs, and family lore and legend, narrates the life of a man whose history begs to see the light of day.

Published by Texas Christian University Press