Bushwhacking Home

978-0-87565-629-8 Paperback
6 x 9 x 0 in
72 pp.
Pub Date: 04/24/2017


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These poems trace the stages of a journey into wholeness and maturity of being. The collection includes poems rooted in physical locations (such as the book’s Part II, set near the poet’s home in Wichita Falls, Texas, or its Part IV, situated in a log cabin in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico), but they also ground themselves in spiritual locations that trace the journey’s arc and weigh the heft of its meaning.  Joy, sorrow, humor, love, fear, and death all come into play in the five sections of this collection, occasionally in surprising ways. Readers alert to the stages of the human condition in an individual’s life should appreciate this book, as well as lovers of the art and craft of poetry and anyone who is a spiritual seeker.


Published by Texas Christian University Press