The Real World of Texas Politics

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Pub Date: 03/12/2024


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You may think you know Texas, but which one?
Texas is a land shrouded in myths, and so is its politics. The Real World of Texas Politics pulls back the veil on those myths and reveals the secrets the elites don’t want you to know. It lays bare the dual worlds of the Lone Star State: the one for the elites, and the one for the masses. Inspired by the works of political scientist James Lamare, the authors argue that the privileged few have used their superior resources to dominate all aspects of the Texas political system, from voting and elections to government institutions and policymaking. This dominance by the elites has resulted in a subsistence life and limited future for millions of people living in twenty-first century Texas.

The authors are insiders — Locander a political scientist, Shaw a union leader, and Bailey a state representative — with a combined ten-decade involvement in Texas politics and government. But they’re also outsiders, holding views that don’t align with the people in power. Rather than placate, they seek to scrutinize with a skeptical eye the most pressing issues facing one of America’s most important and most populous states. They lay bare the crass influence of money and power and provide a roadmap for what Texas can do to get state government working for average Texans.

The Real World of Texas Politics challenges the economic and political status quo. It peels back the myths to expose how the state’s leaders, both Democrats and Republicans, have forsaken the masses to cater to the rich and powerful. Reversing this trend takes knowledge, and this book offers a hefty dose by taking a hard look at how politics and power really work in the Lone Star State.



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