The Women of Harvard Square

A Novel in Short Stories

978-1-937875-85-5 Paperback
5 x 8 x 0 in
224 pp.
Pub Date: 12/14/2014


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The women of Harvard Square are smart, sassy, and sexy. There's Agnes, who with her boyfriend Maynard provides the inspiration for her best friend Diana’s new play that turns into a steamy, boundary-bending sendup. As for Agnes and Diana, don't even try to imagine their shenanigans. You'll want to meet Agnes's grandmother Abigail, who at eighty-seven is still feisty and more than a little naughty—and Adriana, her daughter and Agnes’s mother, who receives a shocking gift from her old Radcliffe roommate. That’s Olympia, the award-winning novelist, who gets the scare of her life when she decides to set her new novel in Pittsburgh and visits. Did I mention Beverly, the long, tall Texan who came to Harvard for college and never left—and never left Texas behind? Oh, and Henrietta, whose imagination is so outrageous and dark that she will soon get her own novel.

What the women of Harvard Square are saying about Mike Lieberman:
Agnes Lubeck: “Mike Lieberman is a master.”

Diana Endicott: “I’m on board with what he has done. This guy gets it.”

Beverly Ardmore: “He’s nothing but a pimp. It’s all the more outrageous because we're both Texans.”

Abigail Lubeck: “I thought I would be only an old person, Agnes’s creaky grandmother. But he gave me a great role to play, and you know what? He threw in a vibrator as well. He knows how to honor older women.”

Henrietta Markham: “Mike Lieberman gave me more than I deserve. He gave me motive and opportunity as the crime folks say—and with them sex and, well . . . I’ll let you read The Women of Harvard Square.”

Published by Texas Review Press