The Southern Poetry Anthology, Volume VI: Tennessee

Edited by William Wright, Jesse Graves and Paul Ruffin

Contributions by Darnell Arnoult, Beth Bachmann, Jeff Baker, Evelyn McAmis Bales, K.B. Ballentine, Coleman Barks, Tina Barr, John Bensko, Peter Bergquist, Diann Blakely, Leslie D. Bohn, Gaylord Brewer, Bill Brown, Thomas Brown, Melissa Cannon, Chris Cefalu, James E. Cherry, Catherine Pritchard Childress, Kevin Marshall Chopson, Samuel Church, George David Clark, Jim Clark, Michael Cody, Lisa Coffman, Robert Cower, Thomas Crofts, Kate Daniels, Ryan Dison, Ena Djordjevic, Heather Dobbins, Lisa Dordal, Donna Doyle, John Duck, Benjamin Dugger, Sue Weaver Dunlap, Renee Emerson, Blas Falconer, Merrill Farnsworth, William Flowers, Kitty Forbes, Lucia Cordell Getsi, Ron Giles, Lea Graham, Carol Grametbauer, Jesse Graves, Connie Jordan Green, Rasma Haidri, Patricia L. Hamilton, Jeff Hardin, Kay Heck, Jane Hicks, Graham Hillard, Riclk Hilles, Angie Hogan, Thomas Alan Holmes, Heather M. Hoover, Janice Hornburg, Elizabeth Howard, Dory Hudspeth, H.K. Hummel, Jannette Hypes, Richard Jackson, Mark Jarman, T.J. Jarrett, Don Johnson, Marilyn Kallet, Helga Kidder, W.F. Lantry, Michael Levan, Judy Loest, Denton Loving, Jacquelyn Malone, Michael O. Marberry, Jeff Daniel Marion, Linda Parsons, Clay Matthews, Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum, Anne Meek, Elijah Rene Mendoza, Joanne Merriam, Corey Mesler, Beverly Acuff Momoi, R.B. Morris, Kevin O'Donnell, Ted Olson, William Page, Randy Parker, Charlotte Pence, Emilia Phillips, Davis S. Pointer, Michael Potts, Lynn Powell, Melissa Range, Sam Rasnake, Anne Delana Reeves, J. Stephen Rhodes, Joshua Robbins, Kristin Robertson, Bobby C. Rogers, Lisa Roney, Jane Sasser, James Scruton, Vivian Shipley, Arthur Smith, James Malone Smith, Steve Sparks, David Stallings, Darius Stewart, Larry Thacker, Kevin Thomason, Susan O'Dell Underwood, Kory Wells, Daniel Westover, Joe Wilkins, Claude Wilkison, Sylvia Woods, Marianne Worthington, Amy Wright, Charles Wright, Brenda Yates and Ray Zimmerman

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288 pp.
Pub Date: 09/11/2013


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The state of Tennessee is widely recognized as a home of great music, and its geographic regions are as distinct as Memphis blues, Nashville country, and Bristol old-time sounds. Tennessee’s literary heritage offers equal variety and quality, as home to the Fugitive Agrarian Poets, as well as a signature voice from the Black Arts Movement. Few states present such a multicultural panorama as does the Volunteer State.

The poems in The Southern Poetry Anthology, Volume VI: Tennessee engage the storied histories, diverse cultures, and vibrant rural and urban landscapes of the region. Among the more than 120 poets represented are Pulitzer and Bollingen Prize-winner Charles Wright, Brittingham Award-winner Lynn Powell, and Agnes Lynch Starrett Prize-winners Rick Hilles and Arthur Smith.

The book includes an introduction from renowned poet Jeff Daniel Marion, who in 1978 received the first literary fellowship from the Tennessee Arts Commission. Too, the book celebrates relatively young and gifted voices. This important anthology will stand for many years as the definitive poetic document for the state of Tennessee.

Conceived by Series Editor William Wright in 2003, The Southern Poetry Anthology is a multivolume project celebrating established and emerging poets of the American South. Inspired by single-volume anthologies such as Leon Stokesbury’s The Made Thing, Gil Allen’s A Ninety-Six Sampler, and Guy Owen and Mary C. Williams’ Contemporary Southern Poetry: an Anthology, The Southern Poetry Anthology aspires to provide readers with a documentary-like survey of the best poetry being written in the American South at the present moment.

Published exclusively by Texas Review Press, the series provides the most comprehensive representation of Southern poets currently available and is currently being used in university classrooms across the South.

The Southern Poetry Anthology

Published by Texas Review Press