The Error of Nostalgia


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Pub Date: 11/11/2013


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The poems in The Error of Nostalgia explore the relationships between individuals and their natural and urban environments in the American South and South America. These disparate locations serve as sites where, among other things, humans confront the perils of natural catastrophes, expatriation, urbanization, and crises of identity.

“Richard Boada’s brilliant and self-torn poems mediate nature and the urbane. Their economies chafe, rousing teargas and vulcanism. They are not nostalgia, but ‘lucidities that appear when one goes home,’ ‘evidence of who we are.’”—Angela Ball

“The poems in Richard Boada’s The Error of Nostalgia are quick and tactile, moving through landscapes and histories with the speed of fresh recognition, what Brodsky called the ‘accelerated thinking’ of poetry.”—Jesse Graves, author, Tennessee Landscape with Blighted Pine

“These poems brim with sonic lushness, with musicality, and with a delicacy that reminds me of James Wright and Louise Glück. However, Boada’s poetry is his own: complex, pulsing, curious, and always surprising.”—William Wright, author, Night Field Anecdote and Bledsoe

Published by Texas Review Press