The Southern Poetry Anthology, Volume IV: Louisiana

Edited by William Wright and Paul Ruffin

Contributions by Ralph Adamo, Emily Allen, Lou Amyx, Barry Jean Ancelet, Caroline Ancelet, John Anderson, Randy Bates, Jack B. Bedell, Steve Beisner, Glenn J. Bergeron, John Biguenet, John Patrick Blair, Beau Boudreaux, Louis E. Bourgeois, Darrell Bourque, Ann Reisfeld Boutte, Allen Braden, Catherine Savage Brosman, Steven C. Brown Jr., Elizabeth Burk, Kelly Cherry, William Bedford Clark, Carlos Colon, Peter Cooley, Sidney McCallum Creaghan, Kevin Cutrer, Kate Daniels, John Doucet, Lenny Emmanuel, James Enelow, Gina Ferrara, Anne Marie Fowler, John Freeman, John Gery, Jesse Graves, Rabiul Hasan, Ashley Mace Havird, David Havird, Ava Leavell Haymon, Dixon Hearne, Jack Heflin, Carolyn Hembree, Jessica Henricksen, Julia Johnson, Allen C. Jones, Julie Kane, Richard Katrovas, David Kirby, John Cantey Knight, Yusef Komunyakaa, Bill Lavender, Keagan Lejeune, Laura Mattingly, Martha McFerren, Michael P. McManus, Kevin Meaux, Robert Menuet, David Middleton, Jen J. Moody, Geoff Munsterman, Kay Murphy, Stella Nesanovich, James Nolan, Tania Nyman, Biljana D. Obradovic, Sue Owen, Melinda Palacio, Michele Poulos, Wyatt Prunty, Julia Ramsey, Marthe Reed, Rachel Reischling, Brad Richard, Zachary Richard, George F. Riess, Denise M. Rogers, David Rowe, William Ryan, Mona Lisa Saloy, Jean-Mark Sens, Martha Serpas, Michael Shewmaker, Ed Skoog, Katherine Soniat, Brian Spears, James Martin Spears, Sheryl St. Germain, David Starkey, Jennifer Strange, Garland Strother, L.E. Sullivan, Jan Villarrubia, Tom Whalen, Gail White, Angus Woodward and Andy Young

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272 pp.
Pub Date: 12/13/2011


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"As a territory, and later a state, Louisiana has survived French rule, Spanish rule, Rebel rule, and even Republican rule. And somehow the people and place have managed to retain their culture and character. Whether it’s been the Natural State, the Dream State, or the Sportsman’s Paradise, Louisiana has always been a state of resiliency, community, and joie de vivre. Poem by poem, the pages of The Southern Anthology, Volume IV: Louisiana demonstrate the variety and resiliency of a state that’s overcome wars, hurricanes, and floods to make more of itself every time. The lines between these covers are as beautiful and diverse as the people of Louisiana, as rich as the state’s history, and as promising as the future we’re all working towards."
—Jack B. Bedell
author of Come Rain, Come Shine and Call and Response

The Southern Poetry Anthology

Published by Texas Review Press