Against the Workshop

Provocations, Polemics, Controversies

By Anis Shivani

Introduction by Jay Parini

978-1-933896-72-4 Flexbound (with Flaps)
6 x 9 x 0.75 in
272 pp.
Pub Date: 10/17/2011


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Against the Workshop is the first sustained critique of twenty-first century literary production in America under the MFA/creative writing program infrastructure. Since earlier critics like John Aldridge wrote on the subject, the creative writing regime has become vastly more institutionalized. Publishing has changed, but what does it mean for the quality of fiction and poetry? This book brings the subject completely up-to-date, by focusing on fiction and poetry generated during the last decade. The book contrasts the vast amount of sludge with the rare gems, to argue that the creative writing product is a debased one that will not stand the test of time.

Published by Texas Review Press