Argument Against the Good-Looking Corpse


978-1-933896-53-3 Cloth
5.5 x 8.5 x 0.5 in
160 pp.
Pub Date: 06/28/2011

Step right up, ladies and gents… Welcome to the menthol cool world of Morgan Wooten—a shape-shifting cipher who weaves in and out of this elegant narrative cycle in a menagerie of guises: cheerleader, roughneck, psych patienc, decathlete, copywriter, drug mule, hustler, pleased-as-punch snakebite victim. It’s a Southern Gothic carpet ride that floats from Oslo, Norway to the Philippines Sea, from Saint John the Baptist Parish to the deserts of Arizona, with lots and lots of South Texas, West Texas, and urban Texas in between.
Argument Against the Good-Looking Corpse is the quixotic debut of a new Texas writer featuring an ethereal blend of cautionary tale and comic case study with heaping helpings of sex, death, and resurrection. Each story is a self-contained adventure; each a keenly observed stop on the path to revealing a son’s true north to a dying father.
Profiting from a front man’s feel for the hood and a culturalist’s eye for the rare and peculiar, Alcorn examines his blood’s country through the flawed perspective of irresistible characters yearning for grace and connection in our increasingly isolated existence. With a flow at once picaresque and unchecked, these stories take us deep into the familiar, and beyond—to a borderland where magic is the reality and perception is but a plaything.

"Since taking up residence in this elbow of Eden, this former pig farm/meth lab on the banks of Coleto Creek, I've been reading a lot of the Big Yawp. And it's pretty clear, upon closer inspection, that my life's been clipped. 
But only temporarily. And only in the most benevolent way.

Published by Texas Review Press