Upon this Chessboard of Nights and Days

Voices from Texas Death Row

978-1-933896-36-6 Paperback
6 x 9 x 0 in
200 pp.
Pub Date: 09/28/2009


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In this unique book, prisoners on Texas Death Row share their feelings, hopes, fears, and memories with the reader through a series of nonfiction pieces and original art.
"But the thing is, I don't want to get out of prison.  This life is all I've known for thirty years."--Perry Austin
"Death Row has one of the best collections of black widows I've ever seen."--Les Bower
". . . we will remain faceless and nameless inmates with just a number, lost and forgotten. . . ."--Anibal Canales
"But when you pop the top of a Coca-Cola the smell of freedom is released."--Ivan Cantu
"So my life on deathrow is a struggle of equanimity, a testament of fortitude, and a story of indomitable will."--Derrick Johnson
"The thing is, none of us get a second chance--not really.  Time passes us by and we have to live with the consequences of our actions, or in my case die for them."--Anthony Shore
"One can be physically incarcerated, but free in his mind, his thoughts, actions, and how he chooses to look at life's journey."--Charles Thompson
"Most of us became lost souls as children."--Carlos Trevino
"Maybe someone will re-evaluate their life based on these few words and make a change for the better before it is too late."--Perry Williams


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Published by Texas Review Press