Lust for Glory

An Epic Story of Early Texas and the Sacrifice That Defined a Nation

978-1-933337-75-3 Paperback
6 x 9. 382 pp. 43 photos, 25 maps, biblography, index
Pub Date: 11/30/2018
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Lust for Glory: An Epic Story of Early Texasand the Sacrifice That Defined a Nation is a concise, reader- friendly depiction of the “Heroic Age” of Texas history. Employing short, episodic chapters, it explores the twenty-five years between 1821 and 1846.

Certainly one of the most eventful eras, it included Mexican independence, Anglo American settlement, the “Come-and-Take-It" fight, Battle of the Alamo, Goliad Massacre, victory at San Jacinto, and the decade of the Texas Republic that culminated in statehood. Extraordinary figures like Stephen F. Austin, William Barret Travis, Sam Houston, and his long-suffering wife, Margaret, come alive on the page.

Skillfully conceived and masterfully written, Lust for Glory flows with a style as passionate and exuberant as the place and the people it describes.

Published by State House Press