The Stars Were Big and Bright, Volume I

The United States Army Air Forces and Texas During World War II

978-1-933337-27-2 Paperback
6 x 9 x 0.06 in
272 pp. 106 B&W Photos; 9 Maps; Appendixes; Notes; Bibliography; Index.
Pub Date: 06/17/2008


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In The Stars Were Big and Bright, Volume I, Thomas Alexander has created a concise and colorful portrait of Texas during World War II and illustrated how the coming of thousands of strangers in military uniforms forever changed the faces of eight towns and cities across the Lone Star State. Based on extensive on-site research, rich anecdotal material, and personal interviews, the book briefly describes each community, establishing each location's pre-war condition, then analyzes the permanent social and economic impact each wartime airfield had on its host community.

Published by State House Press