The Doctors' Doctors

Baylor College of Medicine, Department of Pathology, 1943--2003

By Amy Storrow

Afterword by Michael Lieberman

978-1-881515-57-9 Cloth
7 x 9.5 x 0 in
276 pp. 107 B&W photos, index, illustrations sources,
Pub Date: 11/05/2004


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Amy Storrow leads us through the rise of Baylor's pathology department from its beginnings in Houston during World War II, when it had a staff of two and was housed in a former Sears store, to its current staff of 329 working in 21,000 square feet of space. In Doctor's Doctors we join the faculty and staff as they wade through flood waters, provide blood products to the Shah of Iran, and shield Howard Hughes' corpse from the media. We learn what it's like to be a pathology resident and why pathologists choose their field.

Published by Texas Review Press