Falling Stones

The Spirit Autobiography of S. M. Jones

978-1-881515-49-4 Paperback
5.5 x 8.5 x 0 in
144 pp. 1 B&W photo
Pub Date: 12/19/2002


  • Paperback $16.95
Winner of The 2001 Clay Reynolds Novella Prize, selected by Ron Rozelle
Falling Stones is a compelling tale of the quest for spiritual meaning in early nineteenth-century rural America. Sylvester Marion Jones, born in 1836, inhabits a guilt-laden Protestant domain, saturated with ominous signs and wonders. His childhood is marked first by demonic visions and later by his young brother’s mysterious disappearance, for which his father blames him. Grown up, Sylvester is drawn into marriage with a young woman suspected of witchcraft. Still a seeker of light, he finally achieves the purgation of his house—at the savage cost of acknowledging the demon in himself.

Published by Texas Review Press