It’s a Jungle Out There

Mascot Tales from Texas High Schools

978-1-880510-94-0 Paperback
6 x 9 x 0 in
184 pp. 207 B&W Illustrations.
Pub Date: 09/01/2005


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Texans may believe it is safe to walk the state's highways and byways. No recent Comanche raids have been reported and there hasn't been a stage holdup in years.<br>

"But be warned!" writes Rob Sledge. "Behind the doors of every high school in the state crouch vicious beasts and savages ready, able and even eager to pounce on the unsuspecting visitor. Texas may appear to be civilized, but 'it's a jungle out there!'<br>

In this entertaining yet informative book on Texas high school mascots, Sledge traces the lore and the legends, the popular and the pertinent, the original and the obscure, the conventional and the controversial.<br>

You will read about Mighty Mites, Porcupines, Battlin' Billies, Wampus Cats, Hippos, Kangaroos, Gorillas, Sharks, Cottonpickers, Roughnecks, Blizzards, and even one school that goes by the Daisies (yes, it's a girls' school). Chapters are devoted to birds, canines, felines, and other critters, as well as historical figures, ranch icons, and, of course, Indians. The most popular team names in Texas are compared with the top choices for U.S. colleges, and readers are invited to have a little fun in matching mascots to movie clues and potential headlines.<br>

As far as we know, every high school in Texas is listed at least twice—by school and by mascot—including some that are just opening their doors this fall.

Published by State House Press