My Kind of Heroes

978-1-880510-85-8 Cloth
4.5 x 7 x 0 in
96 pp. no inserts, illustration, bibliography, or index
Pub Date: 06/18/2004


  • Cloth $14.95
Southwest Book of the Year, Best Reading for 2004
My Kind of Heroes was first published by State House Press in 1995 as a collection of four selected speeches by Elmer Kelton. This revised second edition, or Signature Edition, includes three of those pieces plus two new ones.

The five essays are: "My Kind of Heroes," "Real Cowboys," "Oil Boom Days in West Texas," "The Truth of Fiction," and "Politically Correct or Historically Correct?"

The signature on the front cover is Elmer Kelton's. As an author, he has always been generous about autographing books for his thousands of fans. This time we asked him to put his signature right up front. In many ways, these speeches, essays, or stories are his signature statement about many of the things he believes about the West, about writing, about history.

Kelton fans, old and new, will cherish this keepsake edition.

Texas Heritage Series

Published by State House Press