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Pub Date: 01/01/2000


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As many as 9,5000 men of Hispanic heritage fought in the United States’ Civil War. In Texas, the bitter conflict deeply divided the Tejanos– Texans of Mexican heritage. An estimated 2,500 fought in the ranks of the Confederacy while 950, including some Mexican nationals, fought for the Stars and Stripes, Vaqueros in Blue & Gray, originally published in 1976, is the story of these Tejanos who participated in the Civil War.

This valuable resource for both the history of the Civil War and for the important role of the Tejanos in the history of Texas relates the various battles and skirmishes at Eagle Pass, Laredo, Carrizo (Zapata), Los Patricios, Las Rucias, the final Confederate expedition against Brownsville, and the last battle of the Civil War at Palmito Ranch.

Included is the story of the Tejanoswho fought in the Union Army and saw action in Louisiana and in the Rio Grande Valley.

This new edition of the history of these vaqueros contains the first comprehensive list, containing almost 4,000 names, ever compiled of the Confederate and Union Hispanics from Texas who served in the war.

Vaqueros in Blue & Graypresents a stirring saga of these brave people, their land, and their epic role in the Civil War and in the history of Texas

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