An Insider's View of Illegal Immigration and the Building Trades

978-1-73683-901-0 Paperback
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226 pp.
Pub Date: 01/28/2022
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Deconstructed unravels the challenging and divisive issue of illegal immigration and its human toll through the eyes of Houston busi­nessman Stan Marek. A descendant of Czech immigrants himself, Marek runs one of the largest specialty subcontracting firms in the U.S. He has seen construction work devolve from offering mid­dle-class careers to trapping illegal immigrants in the shadows of the economy— paid in cash, without overtime or access to health care. Marek sees a burgeoning crisis for his industry, the national economy and the undocumented immigrants themselves—a crisis he has vowed to prevent. In Deconstructed, award-winning business journalist Loren Steffy traces Marek’s own family history, inter­twined with changes in immigration law for more than a century. Steffy examines the economic forces driving illegal immigration and outlines solutions that could enhance our economy, the con­struction business, and the lives of immigrants.

Published by Stoney Creek Publishing Group