The Book of Wounded Sparrows (Limited Edition Broadsides)


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6.5 x 9 x 1.75 in
27 pp. Box containing full-color broadside set of signed art-poem prints
Pub Date: 09/01/2024
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Limited edition, box containing full-color broadside set of signed and numbered art/poem prints, where each page is signed by the author. Limited edition of 100 numbered and 26 lettered copies.

In The Book of Wounded Sparrows, his second full-length collection of poetry, Octavio Quintanilla sifts through the wreckage left in the pursuit of the American Dream. This is a book within a book, a memory within a memory, a future within a past, and most urgently—a journey to reclaim the self for what it was and to proclaim what it could be. Nested within one another, the English and Spanish, the poetry and art, create layers of obscuration and revelation, unburying the fractured landscapes left in the wake of geographic, emotional, and familial dislocation.

In this collection, Quintanilla finds the language and the form to write about the loss that often happens when one migrates from one country to another: the loss of family, the loss of culture, and the loss of language. Of course, this book is more than that—more than a narrative of loss—it is a book of poetic reclamation, of poetic imagination, of finding new and interesting ways to tell a story, a love of language at its center, so as to reclaim a history of trauma and mythologize the self.


Published by Texas Review Press