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Pub Date: 11/01/2024
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Poet Suzanne Cleary, author of Crude Angel, says this about Elizabeth Burk’s new poetry collection, “Unmoored is both existentially serious and massively entertaining.” It is arranged loosely in the form of a memoir—as a New Yorker who married a Cajun, Burk lives part-time in southwest Louisiana and has published two chapbooks describing this experience, Learning to Love Louisiana and Louisiana Purchase. This new collection includes many poems from these chapbooks as well as new poems that focus on aging—on getting through the last stretch of life with grace and humor. Burk has compiled her work into a poetic memoir of a life well-lived and well-examined for all of its eccentricities and triumphs. Undoubtedly, Unmoored can be counted among the latter.

The Sabine Series in Literature

Published by Texas Review Press