A Novel

978-1-68003-316-8 Paperback
6 x 9 x 0 in
160 pp. 6 color pages
Pub Date: 05/31/2023


  • Paperback $22.95
Winner of The 2021 George Garrett Fiction Prize, selected by Selah Saterstrom
Transmission is a story about transformation and the development of self-love. After 20 years of traveling throughout the U.S., Millie Morrison returns to her hometown to make sense of the experiences and relationships that have shaped her life. In so doing, Millie explores where she came from, what moments linger despite the passage of time, and who she is and wants to be standing on the edge of 40 years old. Her journey thus becomes a consideration on how we incorporate who we are with who others expect us to be.
From “Transmission”
“I guess you’re right, or I’m right, we’re right maybe. I guess I’m very emotional right now. I haven’t thought about Josie in years, I just haven’t, it was almost like I forgot her somehow. The song started playing, and I know you always said I had way too much of an emotional reaction to that song, but it started playing and I could see her. I don’t mean I was thinking about her, necessarily, it was different. I could see her, three years old in pig tails, seven years old dancing in the grass, twelve years old climbing the magnolia tree in front of her house that her mother was allergic to, fifteen years old showing me how to do my makeup that night before we all went out to the party out in the field on the edge of the park. I could see her like she was really there. I could hear her voice. I could feel her laugh. The tears just flooded me. There was no warning. She just came crashing back into my head like she’d always been there, maybe hiding somewhere waiting for the right moment.”

Published by Texas Review Press