The Red Freak, The Miracle

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Pub Date: 08/26/2022


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This collection of poems captures the life and brilliance of one of racings biggest legends. In a lyrical style that brings the tale of Secretariat to life, Lifshin highlights the beauty and wonder of the foal’s early days from birth to the track. As always, Lifshin focuses on Secretariat’s life before the track, outlining the playfully perfect foal who found his way into the hearts of many.
Full of emotion and beauty, this collection outlines the life and death of one of the tracks biggest racing legends.

from “As The Days Get Longer”

the horse dreams
of flying in the air
like a gust of wind
on an abandoned
Christmas tree,
red exploding like
a spurt of light,
flaming wildly like
those boughs of
northern lights
out of darkness

Published by Texas Review Press