Literary Writing in the 21st Century


978-1-68003-129-4 Paperback (with Flaps)
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304 pp.
Pub Date: 07/07/2017


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In Literary Writing in the 21st Century an incredible array of today’s leading fiction writers, poets, critics, editors, publishers, and booksellers engage in no-holds-barred dialogue about the challenging issues facing writing and publishing today. Whether it’s the impact of innovative technologies, proliferation of new modes of teaching and learning, changing economic dynamics for publishers, shifting criteria to judge quality writing in a global context, or redefinitions of authorship amidst larger cultural changes, this book provides a cornucopia of strongly articulated opinions. It also serves as a manual for students enrolled in formal programs of creative writing, as well as those pursuing writing independently. Deploying his signature wit and unconventional insights, these wide-ranging cultural conversations are mediated by one of our most thought-provoking literary critics and are sure to prompt spirited dialogue both inside and outside the classroom.

Published by Texas Review Press