Wooden Lions


978-1-68003-125-6 Paperback
6 x 9 x 0.26 in
96 pp.
Pub Date: 06/12/2017


  • Paperback $10.95

Wooden Lions is the ultimate animal-lovers’ book, with each poem in this amazing collection cradling the soul of a creature. Morton’s poetry winds through our connection with the animal spirit, breathlessly binding us forever in their wisdom; their endless lifting up of humankind. This is a celebration of all beasts, reminding us to cherish all those who nurture us. A percentage of these book sales will be donated to animal shelters and facilities across the country.

The Lion. The Lioness

 Come to me.

 Come to me like the river’s roar,

 like ravens at the morning’s door.


 There’s no knock;

 no bronzed lion to pound and wake,

 just yawning dawns; the lush daybreaks



 like sunrise. I, your troubadour

 will sing across your kitchen floor;


 enough warmth

 to stay the dark; to overtake

 each fear, each tear the wicked make


 slip your cheeks.

 Let my arms be your sacred shore;

 may loneness haunt you nevermore.


 I, the flawed,

 give you my sovereign heart to take—

 each bounty, glory, each mistake



 clasping hands through destiny’s door.

 Let us be fearless. Let us roar.

Published by Texas Review Press