Reaching for Longer Water

New and Selected Poems

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Pub Date: 06/30/2015


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Award winning poetry critic Ange Mlinko wrote of Parsons and his work, “The Renaissance man was once a courtly ideal; Parsons shows that it is a democratic ideal too—warm-blooded, muscular, as companionable on the page as in the flesh.” Both tangible and cerebral, Parsons’s poetry lifts its readers into a new, transformational reality with a depth of insight that is truly exceptional.

Reaching For Longer Water brings the reader, the most compelling of his poems from his previous four collections, poems hailed by poetry luminaries, Edward Hirsch, Stanley Plumly, Robert Phillips, and Paul Mariani.  

After Baudelaire’s “Exotic Scent”
Yes, yes, they bestow delights—
       not only in the seedy way
we all know: they plant something
       in the littoral vacancy
and in an instant there is an ineffable
       fire—that forging force
on which so much more depends
       than wheelbarrows & chickens.

Published by Texas Review Press