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Pub Date: 01/27/2015


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This anthology gathers the strong voices of accomplished poets reaching into and beyond nostalgia to remember, to honor, and to document through figurative imagery their experiences of Mexico and the vibrant border areas before the ravages of narco-violence.

Locals Listen to the Mariachi Band at El Jardin in San Miguel            
You see their silhouettes along the stone wall
or arm in arm below the glow of garden lights
huddled like foothills, earth you could plant maize in.
Cowboy hats and serapes, the smell of beer and
cinnamon churros.  You think of family and language
how the music rolls through your hips
to the sweat behind your knees.  How it rushes
through you, to a place you still don’t know.
—Lois P. Jones

Published by Texas Review Press