Book of Texas Moths

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Pub Date: 01/13/2025
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How often do we pass by moths under a porch light or fluttering under a streetlamp without giving them a second glance? Yet moths, far more plentiful than butterflies, with their intricate patterns and curious coloration, often emerge as beautiful as butterflies. Book of Texas Moths is based on the original field work of distinguished Texas naturalist, author, and photographer John Tveten (1934–2009), whose work stands as testament to what a person can discover by careful and systemic observation of the natural world. Beginning in 1978 until his death in 2009, Tveten kept meticulous field notes about nearly every bird, butterfly, mammal, reptile, dragonfly, and moth he encountered, using a form designed by his wife, Gloria, who shared his enthusiasm for documenting wildlife.

In addition to careful field notes detailing the when, where, and what of moth observations, Tveten’s entries were linked to corresponding photographs of the moths in various stages of their life cycles. He planned to shape all of this information into a book to be called “Butterflies of the Night.”

After his passing, nature writers Gary and Kathy Adams Clark, close friends and proteges of John and Gloria Tveten, set out to transcribe and publish his field notes alongside the corresponding photographs. Remaining faithful to John’s original research, this manuscript presents Tveten’s careful documentation on the distribution, history, and identification of 100 Texas moth species, while incorporating his descriptive phrases into as many species accounts as possible. It is not intended as a field guide; rather, Book of Texas Moths takes readers into the mind of a disciplined naturalist as he conducted important original research.

Gideon Lincecum Nature and Environment Series

Published by Texas A&M University Press