The Lost War for Texas

Mexican Rebels, American Burrites, and the Texas Revolution of 1811

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Pub Date: 07/01/2024


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One of the most important themes in US history is the series of struggles that transformed the Southwest from a Spanish to an American possession: the Texas Revolution of 1836 and the Mexican–American War of 1845. But what if historians have been overlooking a key event that led to these wars—another war almost entirely unknown—that took place on what is now US soil and dramatically shaped the development of the American Southwest to this day? The true story of this war, presented in The Lost War for Texas: Mexican Rebels, American Burrites, and the Texas Revolution of 1811, is only now being revealed by never-before-published research, which will challenge paradigms and reshape much of what we know about United States, Texas, and even Mexican history.

In the early 1800s, the impact of the Napoleonic Wars rippled across the Atlantic. Within weeks of the United States’s declaration of war on England in 1812, hundreds of western militia forces rallied to a flag and marched boldly to war—but not for the United States. They instead invaded the province of Texas to make common cause with Mexican rebels who had launched their struggle against the Spanish monarchy the year before. The resulting war changed the Southwest forever.

Author James Aalan Bernsen places a spotlight on division and separatism at this pivotal moment of the “second revolution” of the United States. The Lost War for Texas, by revealing the forgotten world of 1811–1812  will profoundly change how we understand the birth of the American Southwest.

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