Chiricahua Apache Women and Children

Safekeepers of the Heritage

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136 pp. 32 b&w photos.
Pub Date: 08/26/2019


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“The depth of the research is artfully combined with the first-hand knowledge she gained in her over ten years of close interaction with Chiricahua women and girls. . . . The research and narrative are complemented and enhanced by the presence of thirty-two black and white photographs that touchingly illustrate Chiricahua women during good times and bad . . . The work is interesting, enlightening, and a worthwhile read for anyone interested in Native American women.”—Western Historical Quarterly

“. . . a very interesting and informative book. . . . This is a short book, but it packs a great deal of information between its covers. It is rich with pictures from the present and the past. . . . The book is well written and well documented with an ample supply of notes and a bibliography that should allow anyone interested in the Chiracahua to continue their studies.”—Journal of the West

Elma Dill Russell Spencer Series in the West and Southwest

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