The Hump

America's Strategy for Keeping China in World War II

978-1-62349-596-1 Paperback
6.12 x 9.25 x 0 in
320 pp. 18 b&w photos. 9 maps. 13 figs
Pub Date: 10/09/2017


Winner, 2013 Best Air Power History Book Award, sponsored by the Air Force Historical Foundation

“John Plating’s The Hump is an intelligent, groundbreaking work that is sure to become essential reading for those interested in the history of China and the Second World War.”—Robert von Maier, editor-in-chief, Global War Studies

“Author John D. Plating, an air force officer and former transport pilot, has written not only a first-rate history, but the first truly comprehensive examination of the 1942–45 efforts to maintain an aerial supply channel to China. . . . Plating’s richly researched and rewarding pages do not neglect the experiences of the flight crews. . . . He displays a mastery of the many-layered agendas of British, American, and Chinese actors in the drama.”        —Richard Frank, World War II

“The Hump was an enjoyable read, and Plating has produced the best single-volume study of the Hump airlift available.”—Jeffery S. Underwood, Military History of the West

Williams-Ford Texas A&M University Military History Series

Published by Texas A&M University Press