Tattooed on My Soul

Texas Veterans Remember World War II

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Pub Date: 09/07/2015


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For more than forty years the Institute for Oral History at Baylor University has dutifully gathered the flesh-and-blood memories of the World War II generation in the state of Texas.

Tattooed on My Soul brings together seventeen of the most compelling narratives from Baylor’s extensive collection of more than five thousand interviews. Taken together, these selections provide an authentic and powerful mosaic of those critical years and offer intimate glimpses into the reality and meaning of the war for those who fought it. For them, World War II is more than history. And when they tell their stories, it becomes more than facts and dates, victories and defeats for those who listen.

Representing a cross-section of Texas’ population and a wide range of wartime assignments, these recollections reveal the personal perspectives on many events and figures of World War II. On land, in air, and by sea, in the Pacific and in Europe, they fought for America’s future. With the clear ring of authenticity and a surprising immediacy, even after all these years, their stories make a global war personal.

Williams-Ford Texas A&M University Military History Series

Published by Texas A&M University Press