Barrio Writers 8th Edition

Edited by Reyes Ramirez

978-1-62288-174-1 Paperback
6 x 9 x 0 in
276 pp.
Pub Date: 10/09/2017


  • Paperback $20.00
Barrio Writers 8th Edition brings an impressive breadth and depth of emotion and cultural insights which can’t be overstated. The prose and poetry collected here by these bright young writers capture, almost all at once, what their lives are truly about, how their lives have been challenged, and yet, most importantly, how these youth almost always manage to triumph, through the very act of writing. Interspersed throughout this volume are valuable writing prompts other young writers can use to develop their own literacy and literary skills. These prompts allow writers to develop their perspectives on their own, while being aided with valuable insights other prospective young writers can follow to their own ends. Barrio Writers 8th Edition delivers powerful and exemplary poetic and prosaic testaments which should inspire others to tell of their lives in as impressive a style as found in this new volume—impressive because of their daring to write their way onto triumphant higher ground without ever leaving behind their cultural homes.

Published by Stephen F. Austin University Press