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Eva Braun was seventeen years old when she was first introduced to Adolf Hitler in 1929. Hitler took her on dates to the opera, to dinner and to the movies. He eventually purchased her a home where she could live with her sister free of her parents. Rooms were set aside for Eva and her sisters and her friend Herta at Hitler’s mountainside home, The Berghof. Even though he bought Eva gifts, gave her a home, an allowance, most of his time was spent on his public image and war management, leaving Eva to feel lonely and useless. She attempted suicide twice while dating Hitler. The Third Reich, once in power, established rules for German women. Eva defied them all: she enjoyed cosmetics, cigarettes and alcohol. Stories from Hitler’s secretary Traudl Junge claim that only Eva had the ability to quiet Hitler during one of his long monologues he was notorious for giving late into the evening. According to eyewitnesses, Hitler had to ask permission to bring his dog Blondi out of her kennel because Eva’s dogs did not get along with Blondi. Some historians portray Eva Braun as naive and selfish.

This book, written in verse, shows another side and sets out to explore this woman who stayed by Hitler until the bitter end.

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