WWII Army Infantry Training, Texas Style: The Story of Dean H. Olson

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6 x 9. 220 pp.
Pub Date: 05/04/2016


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The story of Dean H. Olson covers army infantry training at Camps Fannin (July–October 1943) and Maxey (March–September 1944) and presents unique perspectives on the day-to-day life of an army private Dean H. Olson, a young man mature far beyond his teenage years.  It also provides unusual insight into the army specialized training program at Louisiana State University where he was a student (November 1943–March 1944) and on the Ninety-ninth Infantry Division’s deployment to the North Ardennes in Belgium shortly before the Battle of the Bulge. WWII Army Infantry Training, Texas Style describes in great detail Olson’s army training in preparation for fighting in WWII. Because Olson was an exceptional student, he was selected for the amy special training program designed to create new officers for the army. Dean’s letters bring to life the experiences of a young soldier during this time in our nation’s history.

Olson was among a handful of Army soldiers who saw training at both Camp Fannin and Camp Maxey, and perhaps the only such one who wrote thoughtful letters to his parents about all his experiences.

Published by Stephen F. Austin University Press