Tracks along the Clear Fork

978-1-60344-784-3 Paperback
6 x 9 x 0 in
370 pp. 43 b&w photos. Line art. Notes. Index.
Pub Date: 07/09/2012


 "In a state as big as Texas, the various regions differ widely in their histories and identities, which makes the cultivation of regional history essential. This collection of stories recounts the colorful past of the Clear Fork country—the land along the Clear Fork of the Brazos River in present-day Shackelford and Throckmorton counties. The editors focus first on the area's military past—Camp Cooper, Fort Griffin, and the society they spawned. The second focus is on the pioneers—the people who made the Clear Fork country their home and helped to establish its character.

"The editors have masterfully blended the words of modern writers—folks steeped in the region's history—with those of the persons who made that history. Here, combined for the first time, are classic works by two great historians of an earlier era—Rupert N. Richardson and Carl Coke Rister—along with efforts by several noted local writers. Also included is a report from Capt. R. B. Marcy's 1854 expedition through the then-largely unexplored region as well as interviews with several Clear Fork pioneers.

"This medley of voices offers a truly unique and personal perspective on the Clear Fork country and its people. It has all the elements of a classic western: soldiers, settlers, Indians, outlaws, buffalo hunters, and cowboys. This is the stuff of which, quite literally, legends were made—not to mention novels, movies, and television shows."—Bob Green, from the Introduction

Published by Texas A&M University Press