The Birds of Tanglewood

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Pub Date: 02/23/2006


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In the intimate language of one who watched birds daily, Karle Wilson Baker brought readers face to face with the wonders of the East Texas woods in the 1930s. She wrote about tiny warblers, industrious chickadees, and purple finches; the aery trills and tantalizing color flashes of the hummingbirds; the bell tones of the wood thrush; the daily visits and rare drop-ins of the prolific bird life of the region.

In a daily diary she kept throughout her life, Baker recorded her observations of the many birds that lived in the heavily wooded setting of her Nacogdoches home, called Tanglewood. When her family moved from the house, she collected her essays on bird life into this volume, illustrated by her daughter Charlotte and published in 1930.

Her little classic speaks with the voice of her times to readers today who enjoy their avian companions.

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