Ice Age Peoples of North America

Environments, Origins, and Adaptations of the First Americans

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536 pp. 53 b&w photos., 33 line drawings., 55 maps., 51 tables.
Pub Date: 06/14/2005


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This volume provides an up-to-date summary of important new discoveries from Northeast Asia and North America that are changing perceptions about the origin of the First Americans. Even thought the peopling of the Americas has been the focus of scientific investigations for more than half a century, there is still no definitive evidence that will allow specialists to say when the First Americans initially arrived or who they were. However, this in no way diminishes the significance of the many new contributions being made in the field.

The nineteen papers collected here provide regional archaeological syntheses and address such topics as ice marginal dynamics, the impact of plant nutrients in glacial margins, and periglacial ecology of large mammals. The concluding chapter discusses conceptual frameworks used to explain the peopling of the Americas.

Published by Center for the Study of First Americans