The Quarter Horse

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Pub Date: 06/01/2000


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Bob Denhardt first "penned up" The Quarter Horse and had it printed in Houston in 1941. It was the first book ever published about this then-new breed of horse; the American Quarter Horse Association had been formed just the year before. Today Quarter Horses are one of the most popular and famous breeds, and the association is the world's largest livestock breeders' organization.

Collected here are all the early articles that appeared concerning early Quarter Horses, or "Steel Dusts," as they were called after one of their progenitors. Denhardt was first introduced to the legendary animals in 1937 by Texas author J. Frank Dobie, and in his search for them he found not just a single horse, but a common type, a breed.

The stories and articles in this book tell about such sires as Traveler, Peter McCue, Weatherford Joe Bailey, Dan Tucker, and Old Fred—an accumulation of knowledge about the early Quarter Horses of the Southwest that is invaluable to today's breeders, owners, and lovers of the breed who want to know more about the origins of their horses.

Published by Texas A&M University Press