Grasses of Texas

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Pub Date: 06/01/2000


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With 523 species of native, introduced, and adventive grasses, Texas has by far the most diverse grass flora of any of the fifty states. Gould's full and systematic treatment of Texas grasses is the definitive guide to this vast and complex subject. Over the past few decades, research in grass anatomy, cytology, reproduction, distribution, and ecological relationships, together with better international communication among the grassland-oriented nations, has brought many changes in the accepted names of U.S. grass species. Dr. Gould's classification of Texas grasses reflects both modern advances in the understanding of phylogenetic relationships and the current decline of provincialism in the selection of grass names. Presented here are keys to and botanical descriptions of all grasses in Texas that grow regularly or occasionally out of cultivation. Supplementing the botanical descriptions are 328 line drawings, including a map of Texas' ten vegetational areas, and three photographs. Also included are a listing of the subfamilies, tribes, genera, and species of Texas grasses, an introductory review of the parts of the grass plant, a glossary of botanical terms, a listing of references cited, and an index to both scientific and common plant names. The book is intended to serve both the professional botanist and researcher and the rancher or naturalist with little or no special training in plant classification.

Published by Texas A&M University Press