Conducting Concerti

A Technical and Interpretive Guide

978-1-57441-570-4 Cloth
6 x 9 x 0 in
416 pp. Notes.
Pub Date: 08/08/2014


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This book examines 43 great concerti and discusses, in detail, the technical, aural, rehearsal, and intra-personal skills that are required for “effortless excellence.” Maestro Itkin wrote this book for conductors first encountering the concerto repertoire and for those wishing to improve their skills on this important, and often understudied, literature. Often misunderstood is the fact that both the physical technique and the score study process require a substantially different and more nuanced approach than with the major symphonic repertoire. In short, this is the book that Itkin wished had been available when he was a student and young professional.

Published by University of North Texas Press