His Prostate and Me

A Couple Deals with Prostate Cancer

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Pub Date: 03/19/2002


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When caught early, prostate cancer is highly curable. Out of fear for the potential side effects of treatment, however, many men forego the simple PSA blood test that could indicate the disease in its most treatable stages.
Howe argues persuasively against this head-in-the-sand approach by supplying facts that work to counter the fear.
A prostate cancer diagnosis does not foretell a pleasant experience; but neither does it mean the end of a vigorous life for a couple. New techniques have made treatment, especially treatment of early stage cancer, less traumatic. New devices and drugs have markedly decreased the permanence of dreaded side effects such as incontinence and impotence.
The process of diagnosis and therapy, however, is complex and confusing. Howe leads the reader through the maze with the latest information and helpful tips on coping gathered from her husband's and her experience, as well as that of others.
With an irrepressible sense of humor coupled with a profound religious faith, Howe writes at a high level of technical competence, interweaving up to date information with her compelling human-interest story. Her extraordinary frankness about the difficulties she and her husband transcended is inspirational.
Every wife, partner, or loved one of a man diagnosed with prostate cancer will derive tremendous insight, guidance, and hope from the Howes' story.

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